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Honey Dust Body Powder - Sweet Honeysuckle Flavour

  • Model: D-210617
  • 29.99€

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Kissable, delicious, moisture-wicking body powder and lovely feather applicator.
Experience the rich and luxurious caress of honeysuckle flavoured body powder. Honey Dust body powders have irresistible flavours and delicate fragrances. Whether you want to begin your day with a silky-glow or end your evening with a tantalizing treat, this pleasure item is sure to be a great addition to any romantic adventure. Soft feather applicator dusts on the fine powder which wicks away moisture from the skin and leaves a scented, flavoured allure.
With your partner:
Use the flirty feather applicator to dust Honey Dust® onto the body and follow with kisses.
As part of your daily regimen:
Dust onto the body before dressing to stay cool and dry all day long. Be sure to remove any excess dust if wearing light-coloured clothing to avoid staining.
For beautiful hair:
Use as a dry shampoo by massaging a small amount into dry hair at the roots- leaving it clean, volumized and smelling amazing.

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